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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bubba Watson At The Memorial

What happened to Bubba Watson at the Memorial Tournament this week? I'm playing fantasy golf for the first time this year and my picks for this week came down to defending champion K.J. Choi and either Bubba Watson or Kenny Perry. I decided to go with Kenny Perry (thank goodness!) but was keeping a close eye on my third choice, Mr. Bubba Watson, all the same. He went out in the morning on Thursday and was 4-under through 7 holes and I was really starting to kick myself for my decision. Later I see he finished the first round at even par and thought maybe I wasn't such a dodo, especially after Kenny Perry birdied 6 holes in a row on his back 9 Thursday afternoon. Friday Bubba shoots an 84 and Perry stays tied for the lead after his 36 holes are in the books--I'm a genius, right? Maybe, maybe not. But still, what happened to Bubba Watson? For a guy that Tiger Woods likes to play practice rounds with because he works the ball more than anyone on the Tour these days, he sure does seem susceptible to huge numbers some days. Does he work the ball too much? Is he a head-case who gives up when the going gets tough (a la John Daly)? I want to know more. I think this guy is an incredible talent and a true throw-back to the days when guys played the game like it was meant to be played. Hit the ball and go find it and hit it again. He's never taken a lesson--in fact he's said that if he ever has to take a lesson he'll quit playing golf. He hits it farther than any human ever should and he does it all with a pink shaft in his driver. So where is he on the weekends? C'mon Bubba, let's get it together. You're great for the game and we need you to be more relevant so people take notice. I'm rooting for you, Mr. Watson.

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