foozle vt foo-zled; foo-zling (1892): to manage or play awkwardly; a bungling golf stroke

Friday, May 9, 2008

Building A Bunker In My Backyard, Part II

Last weekend I actually started building (digging, mostly) the bunker I've spent years dreaming about having in my backyard. The hole is big enough, the mounding around it is sufficient enough to require a lofted splash to get out of it, the drain tile and pea pebble rock are in place, and just today I added some fresh topsoil and sod to make it blend in with the rest of the yard. Now all that is left is to cut and place the landscaping fabric (it'll keep the weeds out, I'm told) and order in a yard or two of sand and I'm ready to start hitting it stiff from "the beach". I can't wait! And best of all, my two-and-a-half year-old thinks it's the coolest thing to play in already, and there isn't even any sand in it yet. I love spending time with her--it's been an extra-special treat to the whole bunker-building experience for me.

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