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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Parable of The Horse

I seem to recall from my schooling days many, many years ago that there was a parable about a horse that went something like this: a young man wanted to grow up and be the strongest man in the land so he decided he would prove himself one day by being able to lift up a full-grown horse. This seemed silly looking at the boy and a full-grown horse so he figured out that to do this he would have to start with a baby horse (of course) and pick him up every day until eventually both he and the horse would be full-grown and he would have accomplished his task. It went something like that, anyway...
So I was thinking last night as I was drifting off to sleep that there is an obvious correlation between this parable and the game of golf. As we get older we get stronger and longer with our shots on the course, until a point where we peak physically and fundamentally. At that point we continue to get older (we always will!) and eventually start getting weaker and shorter with our shots until ultimately we give up the game because it just isn't fun anymore when it takes you five full shots to reach the green on your favorite par-4.
Perhaps what we need to do then is figure the absolute farthest distance at any given time that we can hit our driver, say, and then everyday stay on the driving range until we've hit one that distance or greater. That way we'll never lose distance and live happily ever after because we certainly couldn't get so old and frail in one day's time that we couldn't hit the ball as far as we did the day before, could we? Could we...?

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