foozle vt foo-zled; foo-zling (1892): to manage or play awkwardly; a bungling golf stroke

Friday, October 10, 2008

'Tis The End of The Season (Almost)

Up north here in Minnesota the golf season is winding down. We can no longer post scores for handicapping purposes as of next Wednesday and as the nights come sooner and the mornings get colder, the playable hours of the day dwindle with each passing sunset. We're usually still playing in early November but only on weekends and more than likely only at run-down municipal tracks. The one closest to my house was open into December a few years back and they didn't even move the holes for the last three weeks of the year. The greens were as hard as my driveway and those oft-used hole locations were worn out and the size of a kid's basketball by the time they finally closed their doors for the winter. Its time to start thinking about improvements to the game that can only be made over the winter, like what new clubs to get and what new swing thoughts to start implementing. I'm sure I'll start jogging on the treadmill again and maybe even start doing some push-ups and sit-ups this year. I'm not getting any younger and golf courses certainly aren't getting any shorter. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll finally make my first hole-in-one. I've still got a few more weeks of dreaming about how I'm going to play the game I love.

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